GEOG 452/652: URBAN GEOGRAPHY (Fall 2019)

Course Description

This course explores the fundamental processes and relationships that shape urban development and change in the contemporary world, exposing students to key urban policy debates and examples from across the United States and around the globe. The course is split into three modules. The first module offers a broad introduction to urban geography and the politics of urban development. The module includes an overview of the central theoretical debates around how to approach cities and processes of urbanization as objects of study, and then introduces the key players responsible for shaping urban processes—including municipal governments, economic and business interests, and community organizations and social movements. The second module explores a series of key urban systems (housing, transportation, food, water and energy, and security/policing), examining how such systems are governed, contested, and change over time, and raising questions around sustainability, democracy, social equity, and economic growth. The third module delves into questions of urban futures—specifically, how cities are being transformed by ongoing innovations in digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and robotics in the contemporary conjuncture.


Past Courses Taught:

Unmaking the Mediterranean—Nationalisms and Nation-States

Making the Mediterranean—Cultural Encounters

GEOG 367: Population Geography

GEOG 302: Introduction to Sustainable Development

GEOG 150C: Environment and Society

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